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Shanghai Haitong Auction Co., Ltd was founded under the market economy mechanism. It is a auction company approved by relevant department of Shanghai Municipal Government.Office
The company auctions a large variety of commodities. It auctions means of production, means of subsistence, real estate, incorporeal property, artworks and so on granted by the state laws except cultural relics.Auction Hall
There are chartered public auctioneers, senior counselors, real estate appraisers, crafts connoisseurs and relevant professionals in the company. The staffs of the company are well-educated. Ninety percent of the staffs at least have a college degree. Sixty percent of the staffs have junior and senior titles.
The company has administration department, business department, real estate sales department and material sales department. The company locates in Tongji University, Huoxi. The company has first class auction hall except offices. Besides...
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